New Report Suggests NARAL Expects Media to Mislead Public in Favor of Abortion, by Sarah Terzo

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September 22, 2020
Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court, by Patrick J. Buchanan
September 22, 2020

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By Sarah Terzo, Live Action, September 20, 2020

Previously, Live Action News noted how NARAL’s recent report on abortion in the media indicated a supposed need for the media to use even more pro-abortion language than it already does, with the abortion organization emphasizing that the media should discuss abortion more as “health care” as opposed to as a political issue. But the report also seems to indicate that NARAL would like the media to lie about scientific facts for them.

Heartbeat Bills

In criticizing media outlets’ coverage of the Heartbeat Bills, NARAL’s report states that only four articles in the publications they reviewed “alluded to the notion that a ‘fetal heartbeat’ is not a heartbeat as we commonly understand it, but ‘pulsing of what will become the fetus heart beat’ [sic] or ‘fetal cardiac activity.’”  …

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