New Research Suggests COVID Was Less Deadly Than Thought in First Year of Pandemic, by Greg Piper

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Photo by Ante Samarzija on Unsplash. Empty hospital beds.

Meta-research pioneer John Ioannidis of Stanford cuts “infection fatality rate” by half for age groups including young people, using international “seroprevalence” review.

By Greg Piper, Just the News, January 18, 2022

COVID-19 was less lethal across nearly every age group in its first full year than previously thought, according to an updated review of global research from Stanford University’s Meta-Research Innovation Center (METRIC).

Between summer and Christmas 2021, METRIC’s estimates of deaths from infection fell by half in multiple age groups, including young people, and less sharply in others.

The international estimates, which have not been peer-reviewed, are not substantially different from the CDC’s own “best estimate” of COVID mortality in the U.S., last updated in March. They use different age ranges, making exact comparisons difficult. ….

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