New Viganò Revelation: Francis Carries Out A Sixty Year Old Plan, by Robert Moynihan, PhD

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August 1, 2019
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August 1, 2019

Letter #44, 2019: Jonah

Robert Moynihan, PhD, Inside the Vatican, Tuesday, July 30, 2019

“Pope Francis is always in my intention. Of course I pray for him, in praying the Rosary, and in celebrating Mass. And I also pray for Pope Benedict, and believe he has a spiritual role in protecting the Church from the devil.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, today in a private conversation

“English Catholics are indignant that the Anglican Church authorities have agreed that Rochester cathedral — the second oldest cathedral in the country, taken from the Catholics at the time of the Reformation… the cathedral of St. John Fisher — will be turned into a mini-golf park.” —Archbishop Vigano, reading a news report today. He suggests that it symbolizes the trajectory of much of the Church in the western world

“I am looking for the truth. I spoke to him (Francis) with all the transparency that I knew. Should I have not said the truth to the Pope?” —Archbishop Vigano

Man and holiness

The essential questions facing the Church today remain the great questions of all time:

1) The Transcendent and the Immanent; What is real? Does anything metaphysical (supernatural, partaking of the eternal, things like divine grace and stunning, sudden miracles) truly exist, or is everything metaphysical and supernatural just, as the materialists say, unreal, illusory, the product of false hopes for “something more” than the changing, ever-fleeing-away productions of time?

2) Anthropology: What is man? Does the being and mind of man, the “person” that each human being is as a conscious entity (and perhaps it is right to speak in this context of the “soul” that each person possesses, or is) also truly exist, or is personhood, and the soul, illusory and unreal? Are we just a complicated collection of chemicals, or is there something in us (the image and likeness of God?) that transcends the chemicals, something which cannot be accounted for by that “scientific” chemical analysis? ….