No, Catholics Are Not ‘Coming for Your Birth Control,’ But Biden’s HHS Is Coming for Your NFP, by Grace Emily Stark

How Mississippi Became The State To Take Down Roe v. Wade, by Bob Anderson
July 2, 2022
Constitutionalism, Reality and the Empire of Desire, by Dr. Jeff Mirus
July 2, 2022

COMMENTARY: It’s painfully clear that the only ‘choices’ in family planning this administration will defend are ones that result in the direct prevention or ending of a pregnancy.

Because of the fervor surrounding the long-awaited demise of Roe v. Wade at the hands of a Catholic majority of Supreme Court justices, some have raised up the specter of Catholic politicians and lobbies intent on banning birth control altogether next.

“The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Next Target: Birth Control,” read a recent headline from the decidedly left-wing publication Mother Jones, which specifically mentioned the organization of which I am editor, Natural Womanhood, as part of a clandestine movement looking to ban birth control. …

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