No Room at the Globalist Inns, by Robert Morrison

A Story: The Longest Night Of The Year, by Christopher Manion
December 28, 2020
Fr. Paul D. Scalia: The Father We Need
December 28, 2020

By Robert Morrison, The Remnant, Dec. 27, 2020

Since the first Pentecost, there have been few years that have seen worldwide transformations of the scale and magnitude we have seen since last Christmas. Almost all aspects of our lives have been upended, and many things that seemed most stable have now seemingly changed forever.

Most people are so disoriented that they cannot begin to appreciate the extent to which the world has changed — many of these simply know what their chosen media oracles tell them, though it invariably contradicts what they can plainly observe.

One small group has the distinction of being both the most likely to have their beliefs especially rejected by the world and, for that reason, the most likely to grasp the realities we now face: faithful Catholics. Just as the Holy Family discovered on that first Christmas, though, being rejected by the world is sometimes among the greatest blessings one can have.  …

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