Non-Prophet Status, by Rodney Pelletier

Bsp. Alfred Schlert, “Abortion and Euthanasia Are the ‘Preeminent’ Issues in Forming an Opinion About How to Vote”, by Matt Hadro
September 17, 2020
U.S. Commission Urges Vatican to Prioritize Religious Freedom in Deal with China, by Thomas D. Williams
September 18, 2020

Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant, September 17, 2020

U.S. bishops and the separation of Church and State

The U.S. Catholic bishops, for the most part, have abandoned the faithful. For decades they have been allowing heresy to flourish in parishes, seminaries and chanceries. They have chased good men away from the seminaries (calling them “rigid”) and have allowed effeminate, worldly men to be the face of the Catholic Church.

These same bishops abandoned the preaching of the gospel — using the canard of separation of Church and State to absolve themselves of abandoning their divinely instituted vocation.

Church Militant’s Michael Voris interviewed Federal Election Commission chairman Trey Trainor, who slammed the bishops, saying they “hide” behind their tax-exempt status, claiming they can’t use their voice to speak about political matters.

The bishops, however, push political matters all the time; they just happen to be Democrat policies. From gun control to open borders to illegal immigration and welfare, the bishops sound more like they should have “Dem.” after their names.  ….

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