Not the Party of JFK? Today’s Dems Aren’t Even the Party of Bill Clinton, by Daniel Venturino

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March 6, 2020
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March 6, 2020

Wikipedia Commons - One of the coolest pictures in American political history. 16-year-old student and future president Bill Clinton meets President John F. Kennedy, July 23, 1963 at the White House. 

Just ask my grandma …

By Daniel Venturino, The Stream, March 5, 2020

Daniel Venturino is a culture commentator and author of The Battle for Main Street: How to Reclaim America’s Heritage.


My grandmother is a working-class Midwesterner who believes in God, guns and in immigrants learning to speak English. She is from salt-of-the-earth stock, a proud, patriotic American.  She has been a lifelong Democrat.

She’s only ever voted for one Republican — Ronald Reagan — contrasting him most recently with Donald Trump, who she thinks is a windbag. She believes the Democrats care more about the little guy, and giving people a fair shake. She still believes her party is the party of JFK, the party that took seriously the needs of Main Street Americans, those who live and work in what coastal elites have derisively labeled “flyover country,” but whose values are still held by a majority of citizens.

But it hasn’t been that for decades.  ….

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