Now it’s Personal…Several of My Loved Ones Have Suffered Seriously From the So-Called ‘Vaccines’, by Steven Mosher

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January 3, 2022
Mass and Memory, by Martin Mosebach (7 . 30 . 21)
January 3, 2022


Anthony Fauci would scoff that these five cases are merely ‘anecdotal’, and they are.  But there is growing evidence that what happened within our own circle of family and friends is happening all across America.

Steven Mosher lives in Virginia with his wife, Vera, and their nine children. Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics from Regnery Press (order here).


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(LifeSiteNews) – We were thrilled five years ago when one of our son’s was admitted to one of our nation’s service academies. He took to the military discipline like a duck to water (his father had trained him well) and had a great first two years.

Then COVID hit, and with it interminable lockdowns, masking and social distancing — all of which we know now did little or nothing to stop the spread of the highly infectious disease. He and his classmates had to spend many weeks locked in their rooms, despite the fact that, since they were all young, healthy, and physically fit, they were at zero risk from COVID. One cadet even attempted suicide as a result of the enforced isolation.

Then came the vaccines, and with it the pressure to get vaccinated. …