NYT: Biden May Have Droned Innocent Family in Kabul; Possible War Crime, by Joel B. Pollak

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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021

By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart, Sept. 10, 2021

The New York Times published the results of an investigation on Friday that suggests the Biden administration targeted an innocent man who worked for a U.S. organization in a drone strike that killed several civilians. If true, the airstrike could constitute a violation of international law governing such targeted killings in wartime — in other words, a war crime.

The airstrike, which took place on August 29, was presented by the Biden administration as an attack on a potential ISIS-K terrorist who had been driving an explosive-laden vehicle that was to be detonated at the international airport in Kabul. It was the second such strike, following one on Aug. 28 in Nangarhar province against suspected Islamic State terrorists. …

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