Occultist Poet Performed at Franciscan Church in Brooklyn (Also Performed for Satanic Temple) by William Mahoney

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By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant, December 2, 2019

Same poet also performed for Satanic Temple

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (ChurchMilitant.com) – A Franciscan church in New York is trying to attract people by serving alcohol and hosting performances that have included an occult poet who has performed for the Satanic Temple.

Occult poet Janaka Stucky launched his Atlas Obscura tour for his book Ascend Ascend on May 11 in the Franciscan Church of San Damiano Mission in Brooklyn.

Amazon describes Ascend Ascend as being “written over the course of twenty days, coming in and out of trance states brought on by intermittent fasting and somatic rituals while secluded in the tower of a 100-year-old church.”

Since Pope Francis and since meeting our incredible neighbors [the Franciscans], I’ve really made peace with Catholicism.

The description explains that the poems are “rooted in the Jewish mystical tradition of merkabah literature, chronicling an ascent up the kabbalistic sefirot to witness the ‘chariot of god'” and “documents the ecstatic destruction of the self.” ….


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