Omicron Breaks Through Natural and Vaccine Immunity in a Battle Against Delta, by Dr. Peter McCullough

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January 7, 2022
‘Vaxport’ for Sacraments, by Trey Blanton
January 7, 2022

By Dr. Peter McCullough, Dec 31, 2021

From an evolutionary biology perspective, we are witnessing the full range of ways a virus works to survive and propagate the species relying on hosts for replication and spreading to more hosts. As we were coming down from the formidable Delta outbreak curve, there was hope that natural immunity and whatever meager herd immunity that could have been building from mass vaccination would bring the COVID-19 pandemic to a low simmer.

Instead, we have witnessed two months of building and now explosive epidemic curves all around the world with Omicron, the most highly mutated form of SARS-CoV-2. It is now clear that Omicron can infect those with previous COVID-19 infection and natural immunity, as well as those fully vaccinated, and of course, the smaller fraction of individuals who are COVID-19 naive. …

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