Dov FischerWe all know the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. It is not just a children’s story. Rather, it is an eternal story about human nature. If people are surrounded by a mass or a mob who speak nonsense as a Truth — with a capital “T” — then perfectly sensible people who internally know better will fall into line and babble the same “Truth.” For a reality check and sanity in the public arena, it ultimately often takes a little kid who simply has not been taught social conformity and political correctness to look and say “But this ‘Truth’ simply is not true.”

In the fable, the Emperor actually was naked. In America circa mid-2020, corresponding to 5780 years since Adam and Eve, not only is the Left-dominated media naked but so is the mob of respected opinion makers. The Emperor is naked. And as to those who now proclaim “America has systemic racism,” that is a lie, a damned lie. It is a lie about America, and it is a damned lie about Americans.

Racism is not “systemic” in America. It does not permeate the System. We Americans are a good people. We just are.  …

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