One Simple Test: And by This, You Will Know Them.

The Vatican, China, and the ‘Spirit of Dialogue’, by Phil Lawler
November 29, 2022
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November 29, 2022

By Michael Voris, Church Militant, Nov. 29, 2022



Advent has arrived once again, and with its arrival, the twisted theology of the “homoheretics” is in full bloom as well, never missing an opportunity to make the sinful acceptable.

James Martin, a “gay theology” priest of the gay-riddled Jesuits, has kicked the season off quite well. And, as usual, expect no recrimination from any bishop or superior, not even a word of caution to the laity.

On Sunday, Martin tweeted out the following: “Gospel: Something new is coming. That’s the message for the First Sunday of Advent. The key is noticing.  ‘Stay awake,’ as Jesus says today. “A Gospel meditation here.” ….

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