OneNewsNow: Soros and His ‘Rent an Evangelical’ Tactic for Midterms

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October 26, 2018
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By Jody Brown, Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow, October 25, 2018

Compliments of socialist billionaire George Soros, the far left is dressing up its agenda in religious words and symbols as the November midterms approach.

Those who attend a rally put on by Vote Common Good are likely to hear a lot of things that remind them of church. For example, they’ll hear pastors like John Pavlovitz talking about Bible phrases like “caring for the least of these.”

But the message – this one from Pavlovitz, aimed at President Trump – sounds like it comes straight out of the Democratic playbook:

Pavlovitz: “I’m angry. We have a petulant, insecure man-child live-tweeting his every nonsensical thought right now … we have Nazi’s running for office and migrant kids in cages … and supremacists in the Cabinet.”

And this comment from Vote Common Good’s director, Pastor Doug Pagitt, regarding the group’s claim to be non-partisan while urging people to vote Democratic:

Pagitt: “… We’re not trying to recruit for the Democratic Party. We’re asking people to vote common good. For us, it seems evident that that means supporting any candidate that would put a limit on this presidency.”

And yet one of their main goals, as stated on their website, is to “dislodge control of Congress from the Republican Party” in two weeks. “We will show up at the ballot box and vote for the children who have been separated from their parents, the single mother who is not getting her assistance, and the left out groups in our society,” says the website.


The leaders of Vote Common Good are pro-abortion, pro-“gay,” and pro-open borders, notes Kelly Kullberg of American Association of Evangelicals – and it’s funded by George Soros, she adds.

“George Soros needs what they call a ‘faith narrative’ or some of his people call a ‘rent-an-evangelical’ model of social change,” the AAE founder tells OneNewsNow. “They started cherry-picking Bible words on the left to advance their policies and candidates, usually for open borders and amnesty.” (See video below)

According to Kullbert, the left knows conservative Christians will naturally vote for a party that values religious liberty, constitutional freedoms, and life.

“[So] the far left has to divide that – and they began dividing it by using our words and our symbols,” she explains. “It’s very clever. [But] this is political warfare, it’s ideology and propaganda; it’s how these guys roll.”