Onward, Catholic Soldiers, by Michael Warren Davis

Exceptionless Moral Rules, by David Carlin
January 25, 2020
FULL TEXT: President Trump’s Historic 2020 March for Life Speech
January 25, 2020

By Michael Warren Davis, Editor-in-chief, Crisis Magazine, January 24, 2020

Michael Warren DavisI’m ambivalent about that most common pro-life argument: that, because life begins at conception, to abort a pregnancy is to commit murder. That’s not to say I don’t believe it’s true. On the contrary: it’s not only true, it’s obviously true. It’s one of the few points upon which credible scientists and ethicists can agree. What gives me pause about this argument is what inevitably follows from it.

Within my lifetime, I’m certain the pro-choice camp will assent to its reasoning. They will admit that a child in the womb is really a person. They will admit that abortion is, fundamentally, the killing of a human being. And it will not change their opinion one jot. Within my lifetime, the pro-aborts will argue—calmly, rationally—for murdering unborn babies.

By this diabolical fiat, our opponents will look upon human life at its most vulnerable and happily exploits that advantage. They will pit the interests of the preborn against the born. They will try to seduce us with perverse logic into believing that we can gain by their demise. They will champion desire against the undesired. “Be it done unto you,” they will say, “according to my will.”  ….

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