Opinion: As the Caravan Approaches: There Probably Will Be Blood… by Dov Fischer

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October 31, 2018
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U.S.-Mexico border at Tijuana (Tomascastelazo/Creative Commons)

By Dov Fischer, American Spectator, October 31, 2018, 12:05 am

There seems no way that the caravan of 4,00014,000 migrants approaching our southern border is going to end without blood being shed. There probably will be blood. And, while the debate over “man-made climate change” is far from over, the debate over The Wall is finally over:

The Wall finally must be built. Just as a dam serves as a last-ditch physical barrier to prevent or control a flood, The Wall now is revealed as the only logistical way to create a barrier to prevent or control a flood of Illegals. So, as an Orthodox Rabbi who must restrict certain words I use, it is not inappropriate for me to say: Build the Dam Wall already!

  1. The Israel Experience

This past year, Israel has had to deal with a variation on this same human conundrum. Incited by Hamas murderers at the helm of the Gazan terrorist government, and led by experienced bloodlusting murderers, thousands of Gazans have marched repeatedly on Israel’s southern border these past six months, trying to force themselves into the country. Their goal has not been to learn Hebrew nor to get recipes for gefilte fish. Rather, they have tried overrunning Israel’s border for the purpose of bursting through, massacring anyone they can reach, and eventually seizing the country.

Israel has done everything humanly possible to thwart the evil, protect her border from massive incursion, and to drive back the thronging mobs. Remarkably, Israel has succeeded in protecting her Gaza border with relatively few casualties, but some among the hordes indeed have been killed. Almost all the deceased have been documented to be experienced terrorists affiliated with such murderous death gangs as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Sooner or later, when the mobs would not withdraw, Israel has had to shoot. They have had to.

Predictably, the United Nations condemns Israel each time, and the fickle perfidious European Union, now overwhelmed by Muslim Arab voters whose numbers now swing local and national elections from Germany to France to England, join the chorus of condemnation. But, as President Trump has demonstrated in dealing with tightwad-cheap penny-pinching European prigs refusing to pay their fair share of their own NATO defense while continuing to cheat America for decades in trade, there comes a point when a self-respecting person just says: “To Purgatory and to Gehenna with Europe.” First, it just feels so good — as an American people who sacrificed 116,456 boys to save their rears in WWI and another 405,399 to bail them out of WWII — just to say it. The past century has shown that the gutless West Europeans lack courage and internal fortitude anyway (which is why they steadily are losing their continent) — except when a rare Churchill emerges to save them from their own cowardice, only to get voted out of office the moment the scare has passed. And, besides, wait and watch what happens when foreign hordes try overrunning their borders. (They usually come crying to us to save them.) So they condemn Israel for doing one-thousandth of what they do when their borders are infringed.

  1. And Now the Hordes Surge Towards Invading Our Borders

The past year’s Israel experience in the face of Hamas hordes informs what we Americans may expect soon at our own southern border. Thousands — perhaps as many as 14,000 — are marching brazenly on our country. They really believe that an Obama-weakened-and-castrated America has lost its backbone completely, and feebly will bow to their onslaught. They have seen that the Mexican armed forces could not stop them, buckling under the press of the mob. And now the mob surges towards us — with slow-moving approaching images reminiscent of European Zombie Walks timed perfectly for Halloween season.

Let it be clear: If we let them in — and, yes, they are people with feelings and sensitivities and loves and hopes and dreams — then there will be another Caravan after it, and next time it will be a Caravan of 10-15,000 sensitive lovers and hopers and dreamers. And three months later it will be another Caravan. And then another. What $38 million cash raised and wasted in one calendar quarter could not buy for Beto O’Rourke and his Kennedyesque DUI driving record and his Kennedyesque attempt to flee from the scene, the hordes will solve: Texas really will turn bold shades of “overnight blue.” Arizona will turn blue. Alabama and Mississippi will turn blue. North Dakota and Montana and Idaho will turn blue. We will lose this country — exactly as the Democrat playbook seeks. Despite their losing the male vote, the Caucasian female vote, the married woman vote, the blue-collar union worker vote, the Democrats simply will import hordes of new voters to seize power.

  1. The Democrat-Leftist Strategy: Stack the Courts and Stack the Voters

It is the same Leftist strategy as their new dream of stacking the federal courts: if they cannot gain majorities fairly under the established rules, then just change the rules by stacking the numbers. The Left’s model is California. With the exception of Donald Trump, we elect Presidents who either have held prior significant elected office (e.g., United States Senators, Congressional representatives, Governors, Vice Presidents) or who have been heroic generals who won major American wars (e.g., George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, U.S. Grant, Ike) or both (e.g., Andrew Jackson, James Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt). Not all that long ago, California gave us Sen. Richard Nixon and Gov. Ronald Reagan, whose elected offices entitled them to reach the Presidency. Today, with California’s “jungle primary” that effectively limits most statewide elections to races between two Democrats, neither Nixon nor Reagan would even be on the ballot for statewide office. So Reagan never would have become a Governor and, therefore, not a President. Great and successful California governors like George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson never would have been elected. Instead, we have a paltry polity defined by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other “jungle primary” arrivals. Just consider the drek from which Californians now will choose a U.S. Senator: Dianne Feinstein or Kevin Leon (who later changed his named to “de León” to get more Spanish votes).

If the Democrats succeed in eviscerating our southern border — and that is their plan: DACA, catch-and-release, abolish ICE — they can overcome a century of their losing the support of Americans who once trusted them — blue-collar ethnic Catholics, union workers, married women, seniors. Instead, they can win just by importing tens of millions of new voters unschooled in American values, clueless as to the Constitution, knowing and caring nothing of our culture and higher purposes. Between suffering Illegals, encouraging cemetery turnout, and granting suffrage to felons, they can win back lost numbers. It is a sensible strategy.

The incoming throngs have no jobs, few marketable skills, no assets. No family or friends vouching for them or guaranteeing that they will not impose a burden on American taxpayers. They arrive expecting and receiving free schooling, publicly guaranteed taxpayer-sponsored health care and free hospital access, and every imaginable free public service. Meanwhile, the children of long-time California taxpayers find that they cannot get into University of California schools that have set aside protected seats for the undocumented. The Illegals further receive food stamps and welfare, and they even are assured that these are not “charitable hand-outs” but “entitlements”: It’s OK, you’re entitled. Meanwhile, virtually every California city is pocked with tent cities of homeless residents, with San Francisco streets reeking of urine, feces, and syringes, and with epidemic outbreaks in Los Angeles of Third World diseases like typhus. It is only natural that Illegals will align electorally with the Democrats who buy them off for a generation or two with the taxpayer-funded goodies that will flow their way.

This cannot be permitted to spread. This just has to stop.

  1. The Caravan Definitively Demonstrates Why The Dam Wall Finally Must Be Built: If You Build It, They Won’t Come

Until President Trump, no Republican leader has had the guts and the steel determination to stop this. Ronald Reagan was utterly blind to this, just as he was bat-blind to the enormously catastrophic ramifications that would derive from his selecting George H.W. Bush to be his Vice President. Thus,Reagan was snookered into extending the first major mass amnesty that planted the seeds for this disaster. John McCain (G-d rest his soul) was out of his depth on this issue, as he was on all-too-many others, and so many Republicans predictably and disgustedly stayed home in 2008 when he was the GOP standard bearer. Mitt Romney could not get his thinking around the immigration issue, even as he likewise was bogged down as the spiritual father of Obamacare. Meanwhile, most Republican legislators outside ruby-red districts have been persuaded by the constant drumbeat of liberal mass media that “the voters” will punish them if they legislatively preserve, protect, and defend the border from illegal entrants. They are afraid of being called racists if they secure the border. As a result, until President Trump, conservative voters have been dispirited, seeing that the only alternative to the Democrat Leftists has been the spineless legislators who now are known alternately as “RINOs” and as “NeverTrumpers,” and — before Trump — instead were known as “Republicans.” The GOP voters stayed home because their nominal leaders, the RINO elite, were pursuing a 1950s Eisenhower Republican playbook completely at odds with the party’s conservative base, the actual voters.

Donald Trump, in launching his 2016 Presidential run, perspicaciously saw the issue at the southern border as the critical defining concern of our time. He came forth, and he called it by its name. And then he proposed building a “great big beautiful wall.” For nearly two years, as he changed the national paradigm as to how we view mass illegal immigration — and as he proved that a strong and steel-determined stand on protecting our borders would not hurt Republicans electorally and perhaps even accounted for the difference in Republican electoral successes in 2016 — he singularly forced a great national debate on whether to build The Wall at all, or to build a Wall only along part of the border, or to rely instead on new technologies instead of a physical barrier.

The price tag of The Wall has come to be settled at $25 billion, and he immediately encountered the byzantine legislative process that makes almost anything impossible to enact in Congress, even when passed handily by the House, unless it has the backing of 60 United States Senators. But he also learned about the once-a-session chance to get things through the Senate by simple majority under another byzantine three-card-monty called “Budget Reconciliation.”

In his first chance at Budget Reconciliation, President Trump understandably “made a great deal,” trading off his demand for $25 billion to build The Wall in return for colossally massive military funding — to rebuild our Obama-Hillary-Kerry-decimated American armed forces. Without a military, The Wall is useless anyway. So he got $700 billion for 2018 and $716 billion for 2019 to rebuild our defenses. During the time that since has passed, as he and we await the next shot at “Budget Reconciliation” — and much will depend on whether Republicans can hold the House — the urgency of The Wall now has emerged even more clearly from theoretical to absolutely essential. For that we can thank the Caravan. Drones and cameras cannot stop a determined surge of 14,000 people.

  1. When the Hordes Reach Our Southern Border, Expect a Mess and a Media Circus

The Mexican authorities have proven themselves to be Keystone Cops but with no stinkin’ badges. There soon will be an impossible human situation at our southern border. The mob’s hordes predictably are encouraged by their successfully defiant experience at Mexico’s southern border, now convinced that they simply cannot be stopped if they defiantly just surge forward anyway. They will have marched too long, come too far, endured too much since they began at Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to turn back. Many among the Caravan’s hordes probably will not turn back.

None of us wants to see anyone but MS-13 animals hurt. The ensuing melee threatens to be a human disaster. To deter them and induce them to reconsider, we may launch pepper spray, tear gas, and perhaps even play the chamber music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Then our defensive efforts to protect our border presumably might escalate to discharging rubber bullets. But there are too many who have marched too long, risked too much, and have become too emboldened. At some point, our border patrol — whether ICE or the National Guard or the United States military — may need to start firing live ammunition. If so, will there not be blood? People might be killed. Will a mother or child amid the hordes be shot, if not killed? And then the Seedier Media will lead with those photos — or, as Time does so well, they simply will falsify photo-shop equivalents for their front covers. And MSNBC and CNN will run those same film loops night and day as though they were the missing Malaysian Flight 370 or an Anthony Bourdain promo.

Israel has gone through this. The pictures and stories are crummy, even after Israel convincingly documents with the hardest evidence — names, photographs, and documents — that more than ninety percent of the killed actually were terrorist leaders. In Israel’s case, despite world condemnation, the response necessarily is two-fold: (i) “To Purgatory and Gehenna with the United Nations and Europe; let’s see how they handle it when hordes storm their borders”; and (ii) “Sorry, but the majority of our country voted to live.”

We in America have the advantage over Israel that, at least under this President, we do not apologize to those who owe us their freedoms and their very lives, and we do not answer to anyone. If the United Nations gets us angry enough, we can (i) veto them at the Security Council, (ii) remodel the United Nations into a homeless shelter for the fruits of De Blasio’s labors, and (iii) throw the rest of the U.N. delegates out of our country and back to the holes whence they come — after they pay their millions owed in parking tickets. The Europeans, meanwhile, won’t dare test this President. Yes, they bought off Obama for eight years by conferring on him a Nobel For-What-the-Heck Prize. But if they try that on Trump, not only will they fail but he probably also will impose a 25% tariff on the metal from which they craft the medallion. But the Seedier Media at home still will distort the reality at the border.

Bullets may well fly at the southern border. There may well be blood. And the take-away for a chastened and sobered populace finally will be that we no longer have a choice: we simply have got to build a physical barrier — a dam to stop floods of Illegals — that is tall enough, thick enough, barbed enough, miles-long enough that it will assist immeasurably in dealing with large-scale efforts to invade our land and desecrate our sovereign integrity. The Caravan and the ensuing melee will demonstrate that technology alone is not enough and that The Wall is imperative.

  1. If the Next Congress Will Not Allocate Wall Funding, the President Must Redirect $25b. From the Defense Budget to Build The Dam Wall As a Matter of National Defense and Homeland Security

Towards that end, if the President does not get a reelected Republican House in another week to assure the $25 billion for The Wall in the next Budget Reconciliation, he simply will have to siphon $25 billion for The Wall from the 2019 $716 billion military defense budget. In the aftermath of the Caravan fiasco, The Wall no longer is about politics, red and blue states, or perceptions of whether Mexico or Chechnya sends us their worst. Rather, the Caravan highlights conclusively that The Wall instead is a national military and homeland security priority for three reasons:

  1. The War on Opioids: We have got to seal off the unabated flow of opioids and other illegal chemical substances entering our country from Mexico and murdering our citizens in the worst opioid epidemic we have known.

  2. The War on Human Trafficking: We have got to seal off the Mexican cartels’ mass trafficking in human beings — trafficking in kidnapped and tricked women for prostitution, trafficking in children for reasons too horrible to spell out — that cannot be choked-off otherwise.

  3. The War on International Terror: We have got to seal off a border so porous and vulnerable that Middle Eastern-inspired-and-trained terrorists can infiltrate among throngs of surging hordes. We do everything we can at airports and at all our ports of entry to bar them, and we must not let them slip through into the country via a newly demonstrated vulnerable point at the border.

These are three issues that transcend liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. And even if the Democrats seek to obstruct as part of The Resistance, the border nevertheless must be sealed as a matter of national defense and homeland security. For all this, we can thank the Caravan and their Leftist Democrat and Media supporters. They have focused a spotlight on the new reality that will allow enough of a consensus to coalesce around the crystallized realization that The Dam Wall finally must be built.