Opinion: Coronavirus Hysteria is Needlessly Traumatizing an Entire Generation of Children, by Denise McAllister

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July 22, 2020
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Telling children they might die of a disease they won’t likely die from is cruel.

By Denise McAllister, LifeSiteNews, Jul 20, 2020

July 20, 2020 (Romans One) — The North Carolina governor has issued a decree that all students returning to school in the fall must wear a mask and social distance. This, despite the fact that 99.9 percent of children who get COVID don’t die from it and most don’t even have symptoms. Comparably, more children K–12 die from various other forms of the flu than from COVID, yet we are perpetuating a culture of fear among children in a form of politicized mass hysteria that treats COVID as if it were the Black Plague, which had a 100 percent mortality rate in its respiratory form across ALL demographics.

I have to ask, What are we doing to our children? Some would say we’re protecting them. Others would add that we’re protecting any vulnerable adults they might come in contact with — despite growing evidence that young children are not contagious because the virus does not hang onto them like it does older people. We are also getting more evidence that people are not as contagious when they’re asymptomatic, as once believed, which means that standard protocol for any sickness would be sufficient — stay at home if you’re sick or if you’re immuno-compromised.  ….


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