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August 1, 2022
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Pope Francis on the balcony on the night of his election on March 13, 2013.

You might not care about the Latin mass, but what Pope Francis is doing to it has wider implications


Rod_Dreher-transparant-bgLate last week, I made a trip to Krakow, and then to Czestochowa, to visit the Jasna Gora shrine, the spiritual heart of Polish Catholicism. Though I am no longer a Catholic, it was deeply moving to see so many Poles so openly devoted to Christ in the Catholic faith. Though Polish Catholicism faces tremendous challenges — multiple Poles have told me that they fear Poland will go the way of Ireland within a decade or two — for the moment, it is admirable and, for visitors like me from the post-Christian West, moving to see so much open devotion.

The comfort I took from being among Polish Catholics, and the admiration I have for how their faith brought them through so much suffering, only exacerbates the incomprehension I have over how Pope Francis and the bishops seem so dead-set on destroying the Catholic faith — or if not destroying it, per se, then on turning it into something it never has been. …