Opinion: How to Ensure a Middle East War in Five Easy Steps, by Victor Davis Hanson

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May 17, 2021
Deacon Michael Bickerstaff: They Will Know We Are Christians
May 17, 2021

The new American Middle East policy is an extension of the new American domestic policy.

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness, May 16, 2021

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. …

More than 2,500 rockets have landed in Israel over the past week. Some Arab Israeli citizens are terrorizing Jewish Israelis. Apparently, as the rockets fall, these citizens are to be Arab Islamic nationalists first, and Israelis last—even if they wisely prefer to live on the Israeli rather than the Palestinian side of Israel’s hated wall.

The usual Hamas sympathizers are promising death to the Jews on social media (so much for the idea that Twitter and Facebook are “shocked, shocked” by impolite expressions of the Trumpian sort). ..

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