Opinion: ‘Love Your Enemies’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Bless Your Heart!’ Or Even ‘Thank You Sir, May I Have Another!’, by John Zmirak

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February 11, 2020
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February 11, 2020

By John Zmirak, The Stream, February 11, 2020

John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

Some thoughtful pieces at The Stream recently have talked about the Christian duty to “love your enemy.” This in the context of President Trump’s press conference after the failed impeachment vote, and various remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I’m no theologian, and we’re dealing with deep Christian mysteries here. So instead of trying to answer my colleagues, I’d like to raise some simple questions. In resolving those questions, I think we can find some helpful insights on a command that has challenged every Christian since the beginning.

From them, I think we’ll see that President Trump’s anger in the wake of his impeachment wasn’t actually so pagan, after all. What he needs is not a jeremiad by the likes of Soros-funded leftists like Jim Wallis. Nor Nancy Pelosi’s implausible, “Bless-your-heart!” promise of prayers, but some careful, sane explanation of Christian ethics from real believers. People who have struggled with Jesus’ words for decades — trying not to dilute them into meaninglessness, nor follow them in a foolish way that discredits the Gospel itself.  ….

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