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July 10, 2024
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Pope Francis shakes hands with US vice president Joe Biden as he takes part at a congress on the progress of regenerative medicine and its cultural impact, being held in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican, Friday, April 29, 2016. (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool photo via AP)

By Rick Fuentes, American Thinker, July 9, 2024

Pope Francis née Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who practices an ecclesiology tailored to the spirit of the times, could easily be mistaken as Joe Biden in a white cassock and skull cap. They share an imperious disposition that takes delight in overturning or diminishing the decrees of their predecessors, overregulate their administrations with orders and encyclicals, are vindictive in their treatment of ideological opponents, look unfavorably upon conservative American Catholics, believe their foundational documents are out of step with modern times, and are hell-bent on transforming their sovereignties. They are both vaccinistas pushing COVID jabs, and climate hypocrites unfazed by their own globetrotting carbon trails as they gaslight their flocks over temperatures, tides, and net zero deadlines. Comfy and guarded in their castle keeps, they are tone deaf to the consequences of open border migration, and exhibit an affective tolerance of regimes that give lip service to religious freedom and human rights.

As ideological bedfellows, Bergoglio has encouraged Joe Biden to continue taking Communion at Sunday Mass, despite his being a passionate advocate for infanticide and the capo di tutti capi for a global wave of human trafficking and child endangerment. Recently, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone barred House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from receiving the Sacrament for her pro-abortion stance. One month later in Rome, Bergoglio publicly humiliated his own prelate by granting the former speaker a private audience and permitting her Communion at a Vatican Mass. …

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