Our Bishops Deserve A Break — Let’s Give Them One, by Dr. Christopher Manion

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Sinners Were Drawn to Jesus
November 5, 2020
Report: Chinese Nuns Forced Out of Convent After Government Harassment, by Catholic Herald
November 5, 2020

By Dr. Christopher Manion, Ph.D., Church Militant, November 4, 2020

Time to clean house

It’s been a tough year for America’s Catholic bishops. Years ago they “put the scandals behind us,” but they’re still hounded by investigations, bankruptcies, lawsuits, corruption and debt. They’ve closed countless schools and parishes. Worst of all, they’ve virtually closed down the Church for months.

Blaming the China virus, they capitulated to Caesar without a fight.

They deprived the faithful of the Mass — in the midst of a crisis! — just when we needed it most. Now they dither in their chanceries, wondering how many of the faithful will come back at all.

Meanwhile, they wait in fear and trembling, dreading the release of the McCarrick Report.

They admit it. Their credibility is shredded.  …

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