Our Culture of Abuse, by Sean Fitzpatrick

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June 1, 2022
Has the Sexual Revolution Finally Overreached? by Eric Sammons
June 2, 2022

By Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine, June 1, 2022

Sean Fitzpatrick is a senior contributor to Crisis and serves on the faculty of Gregory the Great Academy, a Catholic boarding school for boys in Pennsylvania.


Whether you think it deserving or not, the Catholic Church has largely become a meme of child sexual abuse, as though the two are synonymous or the crime defines the institution. You certainly get that message from the liberal barometer (or lightning rod) that Saturday Night Live is, with comedian Colin Jost cracking on the season finale last week, “There are a growing number of nuns who are joining Tik Tok to show what life in a convent is really like, because when the Catholic Church tries to connect with young people, it always goes well.” Ha ha. …

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