Our Disastrous Failure to Follow the Science, by Anthony Esolen

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March 31, 2022
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March 31, 2022

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By Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing, March 31, 2022

Anthony Esolen is a lecturer, translator, and writer. Among his books are Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture, and Nostalgia: Going Home in a Homeless World, and most recently The Hundredfold: Songs for the Lord. …

Anthony EsolenConsider these statements:

“The earth revolves around the sun.”
“Women, as a group, do not possess the physical strength to make good soldiers.”
“The earth rotates upon its axis.”
“It is a biological absurdity to pretend that a man can marry a man, or a woman a woman.”
“The tilt of the earth on its axis is responsible for the seasons.”
“A child needs a father and a mother.”
“The orbit of the earth around the sun is an ellipse.  In summer in the northern hemisphere, the earth is at its farthest from the sun. …

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