Our Lady Taught St. Faustina to Do These Things During Advent, by Laura Dittus

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December 19, 2019
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December 19, 2019

The fruit of living “silence and humility,” of adoring and dwelling with the Lord interiorly, of limiting communications, is a deeper union with the Lord.

By Laura Dittus, EWTN News, 12/18/19

Some years ago now I read Saint Faustina’s Diary, after seeing a teenager reading and finding benefit from it.

I had known of this book for years, with its home on my mother’s shelf of spiritual reading, but somehow witnessing a teen reading from this lengthy spiritual work gave me the desire to pick it up myself and read it cover to cover.

The book is full of encouragement and the revelation of God’s mercy to Saint Faustina, but there were also a number of little things that surprised me as I read. One of these is that Our Lady “taught [Saint Faustina] how to prepare for the Feast of Christmas!” (Diary 785)

“Silence and humility”

In paragraph 785 of her Diary, Saint Faustina relates that on Nov. 29, 1936, she “saw [the Mother of God]…without the Infant Jesus.” It is unclear from the way it is written here whether this is an exterior or interior vision, but the instruction that follows is worthy of taking note as it is given as a message from Our Lady on how to live Advent and is introduced with the words, “She said to me.”   ….

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