Our Lady’s Teaching  On Prayer: The First of a Lenten Course on Prayer, by David Torkington

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March 3, 2023
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By David Torkington, Catholic Stand, February 26, 2023

Part 1: The Fatima Secret

We did not have a youth club in our parish so when I heard there was a thriving club in the next parish I went there like a shot. They seemed to have everything I wanted, billiards, table tennis, football, hiking, camping and they even put on plays at Christmas. Bill Haley and his comets had not yet brought rock ‘n’ roll into the country and the Beatles were over a dozen years away, so music wasn’t really on the agenda. But there was more than enough for us to enjoy.

A Vision of Our Lady

This was a youth club with a difference. because it was run by a young man in his twenties who said he had seen Our Lady of Fatima in a vision. She did not say anything nor did she leave a message for him as she had already said many things to the children in Portugal many years before. As far as he was concerned, her message was that we should all say the rosary, so nothing ever began at the youth club without the rosary. Leon Morris, for that was the youth leader’s name, later became a priest but he has since died. With hindsight I have no reason to doubt that he did have a brief vision of Our Lady of Fatima. One thing is for sure, he inspired me with the message of Fatima and made the rosary the daily prayer of choice for me for many years. …

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