Our (Not So) Secret Idolatry, by David W. Fagerberg

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September 18, 2022
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September 19, 2022

*Image: St. John Eudes statue (SANCTUS / JOAN(nes) EUDES) [St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome]

By David W. Fagerberg,  The Catholic Thing, Sept. 28, 2022

David W. Fagerberg is an emeritus professor of liturgical theology at the University of Notre Dame. His field is liturgical theology, and his latest book is Liturgical Dogmatics.

Words are associated with images. What images do you associate with the word “idolatry”? A golden calf being smashed when Charlton Heston pitches the Ten Commandments at it? Little figures of clay carried by Russell Crowe in the gladiator’s prison? A golden head being replaced with a bag of sand by Indiana Jones?

Our religion lessons push us a little beyond these movie images. Still, our “god” is our “object of ultimate concern,” said Protestant existentialist Paul Tillich. And we understand that we make gods out of money, pleasure, success, or power, if they became a concern more consequential than anything else in our lives. …

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