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June 30, 2021
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July 1, 2021

By Gene Thomas Gomulka, Church Militant, June 29, 2021

Ex-student fights Cdl. Dolan, cover-up network preying on seminarians

NEW YORK (ChurchMilitant.com) – Bombshell allegations are emerging in a lawsuit over alleged sexual misconduct in a Catholic seminary and discrimination against a former student-turned whistleblower.

The suit names New York’s Cdl. Timothy Dolan; the archdiocese of New York; the Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome; the NAC rector, Illinois priest Fr. Peter Harman; the NAC vice rector, Washington D.C. priest Fr. Adam Park and others.

Former seminarian Anthony Gorgia filed a legal complaint in February with New York State’s Supreme Court. The complaint describes accounts from numerous credible witnesses who allege a history of sexual harassment and misconduct by Fr. Park toward vulnerable seminarians. These allegations include graphic sexual acts by Fr. Harman and a former bishop of Springfield, Illinois at an orgy in the presence of seminarians; a massive cover-up by Dolan and a network of complicit Church officials. …

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