Overcoming Fear With Ignatius of Loyola, by Theresa Civantos Barber

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May 28, 2021
Saint of the Day for May 28: Venerable Pierre Toussaint
May 28, 2021

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By Theresa Civantos Barber, Aleteia, 05/28/21

The saints have much to teach us about managing our emotions, and St. Ignatius spoke powerfully about trusting God in times of anxiety.

The saints are human beings like the rest of us, and face similar challenges. With ideas from Edwige Billot, author of a recent book on getting guidance from the saints on how to handle our emotions (published in French: “Et si les saints nous coachaient sur nos émotions?”), we’re continuing our short series of articles on helpful advice from our holy brothers and sisters in heaven. Today, we look at overcoming fear, following the guidance of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.

Do what you can and leave the rest to Providence ….

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