OVERVIEW: Democrats, Deep State, and George Soros Have Good Reasons to Be Scared, by JD Rucker 

Changing Church Finances, by Peter ODwyer
August 26, 2022
‘You Will Not Look At That Hunter Biden Laptop’: Johnson Whistleblowers Reveal More FBI Corruption In 2020, by Tristan Justice
August 26, 2022

By JD Rucker, America Out Loud, Aug 25, 2022

George Soros is moving his vast wealth around to try to bolster the Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. FBI whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork even as they forced an illegitimate victory with convictions in the Gretchen Witmer fednapping trial. Meanwhile, they’re still pushing for gun control even as the evidence points toward psychotropic drugs as being the root cause of mass shootings.

We covered these things and more on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Political Report. Here are links to the stories we covered:

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