Patton, Dec. 1944: ‘Most Merciful Father … Grant Us Fair Weather for Battle’ to Crush Our Enemies, By Michael W. Chapman

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Gen. George S. Patton Jr. (YouTube)

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, December 23, 2021

This blog was first posted on Dec. 27, 2019.

As heavy clouds and torrential rain stalled the advance of the U.S. Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944, Gen. George S. Patton ordered the Third Army chaplain to compose a prayer for good weather to kill Germans, to “crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies.”

The prayer worked.

Stalled by the bad weather near the Saar River in western Germany, Patton called to see the chaplain, James O’Neill, on December 8, 1944. Patton asked O’Neill to write a “good prayer for the weather.” …

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