Plandemic: The COVID-19 Video YouTube and Facebook Don’t Want You to See, by Rachel Alexander

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May 9, 2020
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May 9, 2020

How much is conspiracy and how much is real?

By Rachel Alexander, a senior editor, The Stream, May 9, 2020

Rachel Alexander is a senior editor at The Stream. She is a political columnist and the founder and editor of Intellectual Conservative.  

Rachel AlexanderOver the last couple of days, I’ve had several friends send me a link to a video about COVID-19 called “Plandemic.” They said they can’t post it on Facebook; Facebook either removes it or threatens them with suspension before they try to post it. When I went to the URL on YouTube, it had been pulled for allegedly violating YouTube’s terms of service. A YouTube spokesperson told Buzzfeed News that they remove “content that includes medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice for COVID-19.” The social media companies tend to look to the WHO for guidance on what to allow, but the WHO has its own questionable history with COVID-19, prompting President Trump to consider withholding funding from the U.N. agency. 

Donald J. Trump – @realDonaldTrump – Why did the W.H.O. Ignore an email from Taiwanese health officials in late December alerting them to the possibility that CoronaVirus could be transmitted between humans? Why did the W.H.O. make several claims about the CoronaVirus that ere either inaccurate or misleading….  ….

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