Planned Parenthood CEO Denies Babies are Born Alive After Abortions: “There’s No Such Thing as Infanticide”, by Micaiah Bilger

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By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, March 23, 2019

Planned Parenthood’s new president lashed out this week against Republicans’ efforts to protect babies born alive after botched abortions from infanticide.

In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Leana Wen claimed that pro-life lawmakers are misleading the American people, and there is “no such thing as infanticide in medical care.”

“These claims by politicians about abortion later in pregnancy are false. That is simply not how abortion care or pregnancy care works,” Wen wrote. “There is no such thing as infanticide in medical care—I can tell you, as a doctor, that it doesn’t happen and it is already illegal.”

Her letter responded to a column by U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse and Meghan McCain calling on lawmakers to support the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The bill, which Democrats repeatedly have blocked in the House and Senate, simply would require abortionists to offer the same basic medical care to infants born alive from botched abortions that they would to any other infant born at that stage of life.

Planned Parenthood, which is a powerful lobbying group as well as the largest abortion provider in America, opposes the bill.

But Wen’s claims are not true, and government statistics back up the fact that infants do sometimes survive abortions. In 2011, the CDC recorded 1,298 cases of infant death in the U.S. due to “Other perinatal conditions,” which includes ICD-10 category P96.4, death subsequent to a failed “termination of pregnancy.”

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And sometimes, as was displayed in the horrific case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, babies sometimes are left to die or even intentionally killed outside the womb if they survive an abortion.

But Wen persisted in misleading the public.

“The truth is the very rare cases when abortion happens after 24 weeks is because something in the pregnancy has gone very wrong: a woman’s life & health is in danger, there are severe fetal anomalies, or other devastating medical complications,” she wrote in her letter.

This also is not true. Just last month, an Oregon woman admitted to New York Magazine that she aborted a late-term unborn baby at 28 weeks for purely elective reasons. She said neither she nor her unborn baby had health problems.

Several years ago, a leading abortion advocate also admitted to the New York Times that he had lied to U.S. Congress about late-term abortions. He told the newspaper that late-term abortions are more common than abortion activists admit, and many are on healthy mothers carrying healthy unborn babies.

Diana Greene Foster, a well-known pro-abortion researcher at the University of California San Francisco, also published research indicating late-term abortions are often elective. She wrote in 2013: “… data suggest that most women seeking later terminations are not doing so for reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment. Indeed, we know very little about women who seek later abortions.”

And many doctors confirm that late-term abortions are not necessary to save a mother’s life.

Wen is just trying to save face, because no one likes to be seen as a supporter of infanticide. Yet, Planned Parenthood aborts about 330,000 unborn babies every year.