Planned Parenthood Trial Judge Allows 20/20 Aborted Baby Parts Trafficking Video to Be Shown, (Watch Video) by Nancy Flanders

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By Nancy Flanders, Live Action, October 23, 2019

Court resumed Tuesday for day 11 of the Planned Parenthood v. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) civil trial in San Francisco with CMP lead investigator David Daleiden retaking the stand. In a surprising move, Judge William Orrick III said he would allow both the plaintiffs and the defense to play the video of an ABC News 20/20 fetal body parts trafficking undercover investigation first published in 2000. That investigation was the catalyst for Daleiden’s undercover work.

Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and executive director of Pro-Life San Francisco, told Live Action News that it was during the last few minutes of the day on Tuesday when defense attorney Charles LiMandri played that video after asking Daleiden why he began the investigation.

“Daleiden turned to the jury and said he wanted to expose illegal fetal trafficking. ‘This issue first came across my radar in 2010.’ He mentioned reading the transcript of a Congressional hearing from the year 2000 that concerned a suspicious tissue procurement company who was partnered with a Kansas Planned Parenthood affiliate. ‘I learned ABC did their own exposé,’ he said, referencing a 20/20 investigative report mentioned in the transcript,” explained Bukovinac.