Politics: MAGA Is America’s Future, by Vernon Jones

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June 10, 2021
Report: Unvaccinated Students ‘Numbered’ with Sharpie and Tracked at High School Prom, by Dr. Susan Berry
June 10, 2021

Vernon Jones says the MAGA movement will continue to gain momentum.

By Vernon Jones, Patriot Post, June 10, 2021

When President Donald Trump began his first campaign in 2015, he ran on one simple but genius phrase: “Make America Great Again.” MAGA encapsulated the idea of a prosperous future that President Trump envisioned for our great nation.

In one simple phrase, President Trump let our nation know that he would always put America first. He would bring jobs back to America, secure our borders, rebuild our military, ensure peace through strength, defend our police, and enact fair trade deals that benefit our own citizens. And he did. President Trump fulfilled all his promises in only one short term. But that’s exactly what MAGA is about — building and creating a future through commonsense policies so that everyone can achieve the American dream. ….

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