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In his homily for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the Pope appeared to compare ‘rigid’ Catholics to St. Paul’s persecution of the Church

By Michael Hayneson Gab, LifeSiteNews, Jun 29, 2021

Michael HaynesVATICAN CITY, June 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In his homily for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis has once again launched an attack on so-called “rigid” Catholics, seemingly comparing them to the way St. Paul acted before his conversion, claiming that Paul was freed by God from his “rigid and inflexible” religious zeal.

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Vatican today — with the largest congregation since the start of COVID-19 restrictions. His homily focused on the concept of freedom, as pertaining to Peter and Paul, and provided an opportunity for another attack on those Catholics he describes as “rigid.”

Both Apostles were described by the Pope as having a “Passover experience,” being set free by God, and thus able to lead lives following Christ. …

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