Pope Francis Convenes ‘Anti-Capitalism’ Summit

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By Jules Gomes, Church Militant, January 15, 2020

Leading pro-abortion economist, population control guru to speak

VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) – Pope Francis is convening an international summit of young economists in Assisi to re-examine the current model of capitalism — what he terms the “economy of exclusion” — and to “find answers to the structural problems of the global economy.”

Modeled on the example of St. Francis of Assisi, the pontiff wants the conference to work towards creating “a different kind of economy: one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it.”

The March 26–28 forum, which has been dubbed a “papal anti-Davos,” will bring together 2,000 students, academics and socially conscious entrepreneurs from more than 45 countries to explore alternatives to the free-market capitalist system. 

Delegates will work towards correcting “models of growth incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, concern for the family, social equality, the dignity of workers and the rights of future generations.”

Francis is hoping that the “Economy of Francesco” conference, named after the saint of Assisi, will draft a “covenant” to “change today’s economy and to give a soul to the economy of tomorrow.” ….

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