Pope in Easter Message: Pandemic Should Spur ‘Humanist and Ecological Conversion’ 

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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Pope Francis venerates the Cross on Good Friday in 2015.

Pope Francis called for a conversion that puts ‘human life and dignity’ at the center.

By Martin Bürger, LifeSiteNews, Apr 14, 2020

ROME, Italy, April 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Amid the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis in an Easter message has called for “a humanist and ecological conversion that puts an end to the idolatry of money,” placing “human life and dignity” at the center.

Not once in his message to members of “popular movements and organizations” delivered on Easter Sunday — when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus — did the Pope talk about religious conversion to the Christian faith.

Pope Francis brought the term “ecological conversion” into vogue in his 2015 encyclical letter on the environment Laudato Si’, in which he made use of the phrase five times. He said that people who “choose not to change their habits” with regard to the “ecological crisis” are in need of an “‘ecological conversion.’”  ….

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