‘Population Bomb’ Morphing Into Population Decline, by Emmy Griffin

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April 14, 2023
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April 14, 2023

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post, April 14, 2023

There is no reasoning with the doom-and-gloom ecofascists.

There are many alternate religions created by secular leftism. You have the gender ideology cult, the critical race theorists, and the pro-abortion group. Perhaps the most pagan of all these alternate religions are the climate activists, specifically the climate doom-and-gloomers who have resigned themselves to the end of humanity’s existence.

As this writer has pointed out before, end-of-the-world climate cultists have been around for a very long time. Not a single one of their predictions have come true.

One of the most famous theories was posited by Paul Ehrlich, writer of The Population Bomb. He suggested in his infamous book that overpopulation was a clear and present danger for the world. In other words, people are the pollution. …

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