Poscast: Do Today’s American Men Have What It Takes? by Booker Scott 

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February 13, 2023
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By Booker Scott, America Out Loud, Feb 13, 2023

Booker Scott describes himself as the dumbest person on the world wide web across all social media platforms, but you’ll find him most on Twitter as @bookersparticus. …

Booker Scott“The history of America is about courageous men. Whether they are the founding fathers or members of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ who sacrificed so much during World War II to preserve freedom and democracy, they built the country. Present-day America is the richest and most successful country in the history of the world.

Collectively, and individually, the men who built the country represent the benevolent American. Together, they put personal differences aside to find commonality in the pursuit of the greater good.

Virtue, heroism, service, and the ultimate sacrifice were expected when it was demanded.“

From the August 2022 issue of Men & Culture magazine and the article written by Sigurd Neubauer. It begs the question, do today’s American men have what it takes to keep America the greatest country in the world? Is it still the home of the brave?

On this episode of Our Lives & Politics, we have an open discussion about the social, health, and overall readiness of the next generation of American men. Cort Kirkwood is the author of ‘Real Men,’ and he joins the conversation. Cort has been an editor for the Washington Times and continues to write today on the tough political issues facing our country.

Cort has been in and around politics for 40 years, and he brings that vast experience and adds his unique perspective and opinion for our future to this conversation. …