Possible Political ‘Sea-Shift’ Ahead

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By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow.com, December 18, 2017

Rumors continue to swirl that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy plans to retire soon. If that happens, one attorney says the political equivalent of Armageddon can be expected.

American Family Association (AFA) legal counsel Abraham Hamilton III says one of the biggest legacies of any president will be the legacy the chief executive makes in the federal judiciary.

“If Kennedy leaves, any additional Supreme Court opening, you can expect the political equivalent of Armageddon to occur,” Hamilton tells OneNewsNow. “One area where Democrats have been a bit more shrewd than Republicans is in recognizing the role the judiciary will play going forward.”

Case in point: President Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork for Supreme Court Justice.

“Judge Robert Bork was ‘borked’ and replaced with Anthony Kennedy,” Hamilton continues. “Anthony Kennedy is responsible for writing the Obergefell decision, for writing Planned Parenthood v. Casey, for leaning in on Lawrence v. Texas, [and] these are all decisions that have been overtly hostile to biblical Christianity and religious freedom in the country.”


Hamilton believes that if Robert Bork was on the bench in place of Anthony Kennedy, then the United States of America would be completely different today.

“That fact is going to be repeated if there is another vacancy on the Supreme Court,” he adds. “Should President Trump get another conservative onto the bench, that will be a sea-shift in our nation. The Democrats know that, so I expect them to pull out every trick in the book, every tactic that they can muster to fight President Trump’s ability to get another nominee to the court.”

Meanwhile, Hamilton thinks Justice Kennedy will retire before the 2018 election so as to increase the odds a nomination will be confirmed.

“I think Justice Kennedy very much wants to have a Republican to appoint his replacement,” he explains. “He knows, should the Senate turn to where Democrats have a majority, that there will be no confirmation of President Trump’s nominee, so it seems that Anthony Kennedy’s retirement may be moved up in light of this Doug Jones win in Alabama.”

Jones, a Democrat and former U.S. attorney for Alabama, defeated Judge Roy Moore in a special election for the U.S. Senate last week. Jones will replace Senator Luther Strange (R-AL), who was appointed to the position in February when then-Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) became U.S. Attorney General.

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