Practical Ways to Live the Virtue of Thrift, By Alexandra Greeley

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Photo by Torbjørn Helgesen on Unsplash

By Alexandra Greeley, Catholic Exchange, Jan. 3, 2023

A convert to Catholicism, Alexandra Greeley is a food writer, restaurant critic, and cookbook author, who is passionate about every aspect of the food world — from interviewing chefs to supporting local farmers and to making the connection between food and faith. Her latest work is Cooking with the Saints.

Even in our modern secular world, the word “thrift” has a Catholic connection. According to a May 18, 2019, comment by Pope Francis during a meeting with the Federation of European Food Banks, the Pope warned against food waste that underscores “a lack of concern for others… Fighting against the terrible scourge of hunger means also fighting waste….To throw food away means to throw people away,” the pope added.

As one spending season ends and a new year begins, hopefully people are focusing on the word “thrift.” One dictionary meaning is “careful management of material resources.” For thoughtful home cooks, it’s time to whip up thrifty meals. And that means market shopping carefully to select wholesome—and affordable—ingredients. And to further cut food costs, it’s best to avoid fast-food eateries that add dollars to your food budget and too many calories to burn! Some takeout burgers can range up to 650 calories each! ….

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