Pray for Strength Against Evil With This Advent Prayer of Benedict XVI

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December 3, 2018
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By Philip Kosloski, Aleteia, Dec 03, 2018

May the light overcome the darkness this Advent season.

Advent, similar to Lent, is a time of spiritual warfare. Its a period when the devil attacks us more openly, as we strive to reorient our lives to Jesus Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI reminded us of this reality during a general audience in 2008, stating that “Advent also means anticipation. The dark night of evil is still strong.”

For this reason, Benedict advised the faithful to “pray with the ancient People of God: ‘Rorate caeli desuper,’” and to pray the following prayer for strength to overcome evil during Advent.

Come Jesus; come, give power to light and to good; come where falsehood, ignorance of God, violence and injustice predominate. Come Lord Jesus, give power to the good in the world and help us to be bearers of your light, peacemakers, witnesses of the truth. Come, Lord Jesus!

While we wage our own spiritual battles this Advent season, let us pray for strength and cry out to God, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

Pray for strength against evil with this Advent prayer of Benedict XVI