Pre-Covid: Salvaging Lent by Keeping the *Holy* in Holy Week, by Jennifer G. Miller (2019)

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By Jennifer Gregory Miller, Catholic Culture, Apr 14, 2019

Jennifer Gregory Miller is an experienced homemaker, mother, CGS catechist and authority on living the liturgical year. She is the primary developer of’s liturgical year section. See full bio.

I’m not ready for Holy Week. I admit it. It’s been a busier Lent than I prefer. We’ve been juggling sports, with ending and beginning seasons, both practices and games, extra preparation for a First Communion, a short family trip to South Carolina and Tuesday practice round at the Masters, and just dealing with extra sickness this Lent through the whole family.

All this translates in trying to salvage the final days of Lent and the Triduum, giving it a final push. I want to be practical and try to make the most of Holy Week with a minimum of energy and time. I know I won’t be able to do all my traditions that I have mentioned in my past posts such as Holy Week in the Home. So what are the main ways we can keep Holy Week holy?  …