Preborn Protections, by Trey Blanton

States Introduced Over 500 Bill Saving Babies From Abortions and 61 Have Become Law, by Mary M. Olohan
May 1, 2021
Let’s Not Be Reasonable, by  Robert B. Greving
May 3, 2021

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant, April 28, 2021

Attacking the abortion agenda



Pro-life initiatives are gaining momentum with the hope the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court will protect the dignity of women and their children.

Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt signed three pro-life bills into law on Monday. The bills:

  • Ban abortion after a heartbeat can be detected

  • Require abortions to be done by a certified OB/GYN, and

  • Make the procedure of abortion for other doctors an “unprofessional conduct action.”  …

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