Prepare for a Jolt to Your Power Bill, by Douglas Andrews

Courage Comes in All Sizes, by Gary Bauer
May 3, 2023
USCCB President, Abp. Timothy Broglio Condemns Joe Biden’s New Rule Allowing Abortions at VA Clinics, by Micaiah Bilger
May 3, 2023

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post, May 3, 2023

Joe Biden’s latest energy regulations are shaping up to be his costliest yet.  

It gives us no pleasure to say it, but de Maistre was right: We Americans are getting the government we deserve.

Mencken, too, was right when he said we deserved to get it “good and hard.”

We’re getting it good and hard all right, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the realm of energy, where Joe Biden continues to make all the wrong moves. This time, it involves a cockamamie process called carbon capture. As The New York Times reports: …

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