Preparing for Lent: Seven Principles to Apply, by Jennifer Gregory Miller

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March 2, 2022
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March 2, 2022

By Jennifer Gregory Miller, Catholic Culture, March 01, 2022

Jennifer Gregory Miller is an experienced homemaker, mother, CGS catechist and authority on living the liturgical year. She is the primary developer of’s liturgical year section.

I’m experiencing “Lent” arriving a bit early, having unscheduled activities that require my attention with the addition of my family being under the weather, allowing minimal writing time. In 2015, I had the flu, right before the Lenten season began, and in response I wrote about the Lessons the Flu Taught Me. Seven years later (and with through all the Covid hullaballoo), I find these are the same thoughts and applications I’m using to apply to my Lenten preparation. This post is a slight revision of the 2015 version:

With the beginning of Lent starting tomorrow, I’m running out of time to strategize how I will spend this holy season. I have had all sorts of posts planned, some partially drafted, but when you are short on time and sick, it’s difficult to write. But I realized my Lenten preparation was not all lost. Lent is not just about “giving up” something or mastering myself in self-help approaches. In fact, not being in complete control of my time gave me a better idea of how I should be approaching Lent. …

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