President, for Life, by Austin Ruse

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President Donald Trump speaks at a March for Life rally, Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, on the National Mall in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine, January 31, 2020

Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis and president of the Center for Family & Human Rights (C-FAM). He is the author of the upcoming Catholic Case for Trump (Regnery, 2020). You can follow him on Twitter @austinruse.

Austin RuseIt is always painful to criticize someone you admire and consider a friend. But Jonathan Last—now the executive editor of The Bulwark, one of these new NeverTrump websites—has allowed his Trump skepticism to color his attitude, not just toward the March for Life but the pro-life movement in general. He gets a lot wrong along the way.

Everyone can certainly understand Jonathan’s concern that the Democratic Party now shuns pro-lifers within their own ranks. There is no place for them in what Ramesh Ponnuru called the “Party of Death.” Take, for instance, Kristen Day of Democrats for Life America. Ms. Day was completely shut down by Pete Buttigieg earlier this week at a  rally in Iowa. Mayor Pete balked at her suggestion that he court pro-life voters for the 2020 election. It’s painful to watch. You feel bad for Ms. Day, but you also realize how far removed she and her movement are from even the periphery of the Democratic Party. It is deeply regrettable that pro-life Democrats cannot gain any traction. They are up against massive amounts of money and power in their party.

Many pro-lifers started out as Democrats. I did. Nellie Gray, the founder of the March for Life, began as a “pro-labor Democrat.” But we haven’t had a home there for decades.  ….

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