Pressure in the Pulpit: OH Bishop Threatens Priests, by Aidan O’Connor

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January 25, 2022
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January 25, 2022

By Aidan O’Connor, Church Militant, January 24, 2022

OH bishop threatens priests

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio ( – An Ohio prelate is warning his priests not to preach from the pulpit about government health mandates or abortion-tainted vaccines.

Bishop David Bonnar of the diocese of Youngstown, Ohio issued a letter Wednesday cautioning pastors about preaching politics to their flocks. In the letter, Bp. Bonnar threatens to strip his monsignors, priests and deacons of their ability to preach if they disobey.

“I want to state unequivocally that I will no longer condone abuses in this area,” wrote the bishop. He continued: “If I am made aware that any clergy is using the pulpit to promote political opinions and denouncing current Church teaching, I will have no other recourse than to revoke their faculty to preach.” …

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