Pride Month vs. Trans Madness, by Jack Devine

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June 8, 2023
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June 8, 2023

By Jack Devine, Patriot Post, June 8, 2023

Watch out for the “T” in LGBTQ, which is causing an awful lot of trouble.

Every June is Pride Month, a tradition dating back to the Bill Clinton years and continued this year by Joe Biden’s official proclamation. Purportedly, Pride Month is all about reinforcing respect, dignity, and freedom from prejudice — ensuring a full place in society for those who choose lesbian or gay lifestyles.

But there’s a snag — it’s the “transgender” part, the “T” in LGBTQ.

Like so many complex issues these days, LGBTQI+ support has become politicized and therefore polarized, and transgenderism has emerged as a contentious issue in the endless war between Left and Right. …

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